You'll Never Take Us Alive!

by BeerGnomes

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Recorded at Fast Horse Studios in Austin, TX
Engineered by Jarett Bostick


released June 29, 2012

Additional vocals by Casi & Kenzie Moss



all rights reserved


BeerGnomes Dallas, Texas

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Track Name: One Bullet Short
Well they take take take 'til there was nothing left
now I'm lying here with two in the chest
how I woke up and found myself alive
guess I didn't have the heart to sit and let myself die
my wife and kids were found down in a puddle of blood
house burnt down, now its sticks and mud
all this at the hand of twenty men
well I bet they never thought they'd see my face again

Well they took everything that I had, shoulda took my life as well
you can call me a son of a bitch but I'll see these men in hell
I'll load up my shotgun, my six shooter by my side
and I'll go to the place of retribution
sell my soul at the crossroads, its gonna be one hell of a ride
me and Satan gonna take these men to hell tonight

Well the sky was all dark and, boy, my soul was black
drove through the front door in the front door in my Cadillac
jumped outta the car with my guns ablaze
the blood was flying round in a smokey haze
I overturned a table to reload my guns
popped back up and six more were done
shotgun blast three more to the ground
I was out of ammunition but one more I found

With his finger on the trigger, put a bullet right between my eyes
as I sank down to that dirty floor I strangely felt alright
well that deal, it was broken, and my soul was mine again
as I ascended through the clouds and up to heaven
well I knew I had it coming 'cause I done the same to him
when all your friends are killers, well, you don't betray your friends
Track Name: Lamarque Is Dead
We are but rats on the lowly city streets
and we must bow down to royalty
we have no food or bread so we'll eat rotten meat instead
and we will die how we were born, down on our knees
Well the king, he doesn't care if his people go hungry
what are we his people for
but if we organize than boys we'll catch him by surprise
and he'll see what we have in store

Hold your head high brother, the new day comes tomorrow
won't have to beg or borrow we won't hide there in the night
I'll scream "Viva la republique!' and fight until the sunrise
and if I fall before you then I pray you see the light

Build the barricade, my friends,
we'll show them we mean business
they think we're fucking schoolboys but we'll put them to the test
and let God and this country be our witness

We men are made of flesh and bone
but our flesh is easily broken
but our lives and our ideals will be remembered after this
and they'll know that we weren't joking
Track Name: The Way of the Gun
When I was back in school I liked to call it like I saw
some said I called it like I saw right on a wall
but that penmanship weren't mine although it wasn't out of line
I'm not inclined to take the fall for another's crime
I gave him up to clear my name, but I was punished all the same
did he expect of me that I would play his game
well he came at me with a knife and so I all but took his life
and it was me who got expelled for all my strife

At the age of fifteen, I got into a fight
with a man twice my size, turned out his light
well he didn't take to kind, one day he jumped me from behind
but five bullets in his chest is what he'd find

so my paw he told me run he said the army's gonna come
don't wanna see my son with a rope around his throat
so in hiding I did stay, those bastards found me anyway
and by that fall I'd sent four men into their graves

Was on the run that I became a school teacher by trade
I had escaped my outlaw ways to live a lie
but I could not turn down a bet, although sometimes I do regret
for a bottle of booze I'd shoot out some fool's eye
was in Hill County playing cards, some fellow thought I'd gone too far
he said that he would cut me up if I kept on
though I did not desire to fight, he'd come to find me late that night
he'd lose his life to me before the break of dawn

so my girl she told me run she said the law is gonna come
don't wanna see my man with a rope around his throat
but I was captured by surprise, I'd kill the law by firelight
and by morning with my freedom reunite

So I grew up strong and mean, the greatest shot you've ever seen
eventually I would uphold that law star's gleam
and I'd have plenty of friends and on them I could depend
and a woman who's honor I'd defend

and I would give up on the run to me no harm was gonna come
no one wants to see a rope around my throat
but I was shot down in the street and not one angel came to meet
my soul that to this day lies six feet deep
Track Name: Things We'll Never Know
Well they knocked me out and tied me up, they took me from my home
from my friends, relations, family, where we're headed I don't know
this drive is long as hell I can't go long without abuse
and I've tried screaming through this dirty rag but believe me its no use
my eyes have been replaced with this tear soaked scarf of black
as I write this on my memory with my hands behind my back
I've been robbed of my redemption, not the man I was back then
I've found myself in solitude but will we ever meet again

I still miss you every day
I wish that I just could've stayed
I wish to Christ that this would all just go away
but I still miss you every day

I've been beaten down and broken up, the pieces of my life
and I couldn't help but tremble when you said goodbye that night
I didn't really know if I'd lay eyes on you again
I swore I'd write you letters but couldn't find the strength to pen
sometimes I think about forgiveness, I'm still sore as hell
sometimes this bed gets lonely but most times it's just as well
I've drained my share of bottles, helps me find some cheap relief
when I come to all I can feel is pain and tears and grief

I still miss you every day
sometimes I'm glad you didn't stay
I pray to God sometimes you'd stay the hell away
but I still miss you every day

Sometimes I think of you and pray
Say all the things I keep locked away
I'll break these ropes somehow I swear that I'll escape
and I'll still miss you every day
Track Name: Monsters
When I was a young boy, well I believed in ghosts and other sorts of scary shit like that
now that I'm a grown man, my body's just a host to all those memories of time gone past

Now momma leave the lights on and I won't make a sound
the monsters in my head are all my friends
I'll tuck me in and say my prayers, my knees set to the ground
close my eyes and play they're not pretend

Some people like to judge some folks, some folks a lot like me
they say my soul is going straight to hell
what gives you the right, my friends, did you create this shores and trees
guess not so then I hope to see you there

Now mom I'll leave the lights on but you won't make a sound
the cancer in your head is not your friend
I'll tuck you in and say your prayers, my knees set to the ground
close my eyes and play its all pretend
Track Name: Last Call
United we stand, together as one
to the end of this bottle, at the end of a gun
I will not falter, I'll stand by your side
as you are my brother, 'twil be 'til we die

We drink to now
we drink to memories
we drink to things that will come when time is new
we stand our ground
stand by our family
we drink to them, my fellow man, we drink to you

Good comrades be we, so I'll raise my glass
to the time that we've shared, may it not too quickly pass
may they forget not, may their lives be so well
fear not when we're gone for we'll see you in hell